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San Antonio Area Freeway System
Historical Photos (Other freeway locations)

This page last updated March 29, 2017


Below are historical photos of San Antonio freeways not covered in other galleries.  These photos were compiled from a number of sources including old San Antonio-Bexar County Urban Transportation Study (SABCUTS) planning documents, the TxDOT photo library, the San Antonio TxDOT district office, and the personal collections of the myself and of a former local Highway Department engineer.  Locations are given using the present-day roadway names.

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Fratt Interchange (I-35/Loop 410/Austin Hwy) looking east
I-35 runs left-right across the top of the photo. Loop 410 runs from I-35 to the lower left, and Austin Hwy. is at the lower right.  Notice the crossover in the median of Loop 410 near the center of the picture-- this picture was taken when Loop 410 had not yet been upgraded to a freeway in this area.  Also of interest is the town of Fratt on the right side of the photo, after which this interchange is named.  Today, the town is long gone, replaced by the Interchange Business Park.


Loop 410 at Austin Hwy. looking north
(ca. 1965/TxDOT)


Loop 410 at Frederickburg Rd. looking west
(ca. 1990/TxDOT)


TxDOT's District Headquarters at Loop 410 and Callaghan


Loop 410 at Broadway looking north
San Antonio International Airport is at the top left.
(ca. 1965/TxDOT)


Loop 410 at Jones-Maltsberger looking north
San Antonio International Airport is at the top right.
(ca. 1965/TxDOT)


Loop 1604 at Pat Booker in Universal City looking northwest
The road running left to right is Pat Booker.  You can barely see the I-35/Loop 1604 interchange at the top left of the photo.


Rest area on I-10 East


Expressway overpass
Probably Frio at Poplar looking east under I-10 eastbound


Dedication ceremony to open I-35
The old Liberty cargo truck was still being used by the local TxDOT office at groundbreaking and ribbon-cutting ceremonies as late as the 1990s.  It toured the state for TxDOT's 100th anniversary celebration in 2017.


Model of proposed US 281 between the San Antonio Zoo and Alamo Stadium
This was an early design.

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