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San Antonio Area Freeway System
PROJECT INFO: US 90W from Loop 410 to Loop 1604

This page last updated August 30, 2018


Project locationLocation: US 90 from Loop 1604 to Loop 410 and Loop 410 from US 90 to SH 151

Status: Phase 1 is complete; Phase 2 is under construction (58% complete)

Originally a single project, this project was divided into two phases due to funding limitations. The first consisted of
a package of improvements for US 90 between the loops. Those improvements included expanding US 90 to six lanes between Hunt Lane and Loop 1604 (the additional lane technically being a very long auxilary lane), converting the access roads to one-way, straightening the access roads near Hunt Lane, reconfiguring the westbound access road intersection at Hunt Lane, adding a new exit ramp from westbound US 90 for Hunt Lane and moving the entrance ramp to westbound US 90 from Loop 410 past Hunt Lane. A turnaround for westbound to eastbound US 90 was constructed at Loop 1604 and a second right-turn lane to northbound Loop 1604 was added. This phase has been completed.

The second phase is constructing the first two connectors (flyovers) of an eventual fully-directional interchange at Loop 410 and US 90. Specifically, this phase will construct the eastbound US 90 to northbound Loop 410 and southbound Loop 410 to westbound US 90 flyovers. (Note: the original iteration of this project only included the eastbound to northbound connector. Additional funding was subsequently identified to add the southbound to westbound connector.) In addition, on northbound Loop 410, the entrance ramp from Marbach and the exit ramp to SH 151 will be reversed (i.e. the exit to SH 151 will now precede the entrance from Marbach.) On southbound Loop 410, the entrance ramp from Marbach will be moved further south to after the exit for US 90.

How this project will help
Adding the first elevated direct connector from eastbound US 90 to northbound Loop 410 will remove that traffic from the current overburdened cloverleaf. Doing so should eliminate or signficantly reduce the weaving that currently takes place on the eastbound collector road in the interchange, thus making the connection from southbound Loop 410 to eastbound US 90 flow more smoothly. Moving the westbound entrance from Loop 410 past Hunt Lane will provide a much longer area for traffic to safely merge to the left to enter US 90. Converting the access roads to one-way and straightening them will result in safer and more efficient operation. The additional lane on US 90 will help improve traffic flow. The turnaround at Loop 1604 will help prevent congestion at the Loop 1604 intersections as it will remove traffic making that movement from the intersections. The additional right turn lane onto Loop 1604 northbound will reduce congestion there. Finally, the moving of the entrance and exit ramps on Loop 410 near Marbach will help eliminate the conflicts caused by traffic entering the freeway prior to traffic exiting for SH 151 and US 90.

Phase 1 should be complete mid 2017. Phase 2 is scheduled to be complete in spring 2020. Click here for the latest status.  


  • Is the one-way access road on the eastbound US 90 exit to Loop 1604 permanent? If so, why?
    This has been a heated topic of conversation especially among some antagonistic residents of the Canyon Crossing subdivision off of Cagnon Road southwest of the US 90/Loop 1604 intersection. The answer is yes, this is a permanent change. The reason why is simple-- safety. One-way access roads have been proven to reduce crashes dramatically. In this case especially, the left turn onto Cagnon was fairly close to the exit from US 90. Therefore, high-speed traffic exiting from US 90 was quickly in a head-on conflict with that left-turning traffic. Furthermore, one-way access roads are much more efficient from a traffic-carrying perspective-- an important consideration in a growing area. A future expansion project on US 90 will extend the access road to the west, which should help mitigate the impact of this change.
Click on the image below to see an annotated overview schematic of this project. The base schematic is courtesy of TxDOT; the annotations are my own. Note that the southbound to westbound connector was added to this project after this schematic was rendered; I have added it in its approximate location.

 (Note: the schematic is somewhat large and may take a few seconds to open.)

US 90 (Loop 1604 to Loop 410) and Loop 410 (US 90 to SH 151) (2.36 MB)

Click on image above to see larger schematic

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