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The Stop Sign Page

This page last updated May 29, 2012


So this is a odd, esoteric page, to be sure.  In the US, as in most countries, there is an "official" stop sign with a prescribed font, point size, and style.  However, many private streets and parking lots-- and even some public roads-- have stop signs that deviate from the official design.  This page is a collection of those deviations, along with the beginnings of a collection of foreign stop signs.  Contributions are welcome!

This is the official US stop sign, against which all others are compared. 
I believe this is also the official sign in Canada and Australia.

    This one is actually used on public streets in the South Texas Medical Center area in San Antonio.
All three on this line are from the parking lot of the Wonderland of the Americas Mall in San Antonio.
Even for signs in the same parking lot, different fonts are used!
    This is the standard sign used in City of San Antonio parks.
  Unusual mixed-case and lavish serifs.  
  Crossing guard sign.  
  Besides the font, this one also has no border.  
This is the standard stop arm on a school bus.   A humorous stop sign in an apartment complex in Bryan, Texas.

Germany Mexico
United Arab Emirates Israel

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