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SH 151 San Antonio Area Freeway System
State Highway 151 (Raymond E. Stotzer Jr. Freeway)

This page last updated May 17, 2018

SH 151 highlight map This page covers State Highway (SH) 151 from US 90 to Loop 1604 in western San Antonio.

Length: 10 miles


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SH 151 connects rapidly-growing far western Bexar County to Loop 410 and also to downtown via US 90. It is the main corridor through the exploding Westover Hills area, which includes Sea World of Texas, the Hyatt Hill Country Resort, several major financial services companies, the National Security Agency campus, multiple large data centers, and Northwest Vista College. This route also serves Port San Antonio and the Southwest Research Institute and Texas Biomedical Research Institute. At the western end of the corridor is the sprawling Alamo Ranch development. Residential and commercial construction is booming in the corridor with major retail hubs at Loop 410 and Loop 1604. 

Inside Loop 410, the majority of the land fronting the corridor is undeveloped, although the area near US 90 has some light to moderate industrial development. Outside of 410, much of the frontage is now a mix of suburban commercial, retail, and residential.  

Roadway details


    • 4 lanes along entire route

Continuous access roads along entire route. These access roads originally served as the main highway before the construction of the freeway mainlanes.


Click here for a list of SH 151 exits.


    • 65 mph along entire route
  • No directional interchange at Loop 410
  • The interchange at US 90 only facilitates traffic from westbound US 90 to SH 151 and from SH 151 to eastbound 90 

SH 151 special features map


Generally moderate. Traffic counts have exploded over the past decade, especially after the freeway mainlanes opened in 2004. Half
of the six fastest growing traffic counts in the city during the past decade are in this corridor. The western end has seen particularly astronomical increases. As a result, daily recurring congestion occurs eastbound between Military Drive West and Loop 410 during the morning rush hour and westbound along much of the route during the evening rush hour.

Traffic volume legend

SH 151 traffic map


LOCATION 1990 2007 2010 2015 2016 2017 '07-'17
N of US 90 25,000 42,000 67,000 76,402 73,804 73,640 +75.33%
E of Loop 410 10,200 58,000 65,000 73,775 74,323 71,659 +23.55%
E of Potranco Rd. 16,100 81,000 92,000 113,200 117,138 109,928 +35.71%
W of Potranco Rd. 7,300 37,000 71,000 93,594 98,765 93,988 +154.02%
E of Loop 1604 4,100 15,100 49,000 63,393 64,578 60,521 +300.80%

Media gallery

Click here for photos and video of this freeway.

Construction projects

No current projects in this corridor.

Future plans

A plan to to extend 151 all the way to SH 211 in far western Bexar County was once envisioned as part of the regional tollway system but has since been dropped. However, regional thoroughfare plans do still show Alamo Ranch Parkway eventually connecting to SH 211 although there are currently no plans to extend SH 151 over that route.

TxDOT has near-term plans to add a third mainlane in each direction between Loop 410 and Loop 1604; click here for more information on that project. TransGuide coverage is planned for the corridor sometime in the future as well.

Phase 2 of the Loop 410/SH 151 interchange project will build the the northbound Loop 410 flyover to westbound SH 151 and the eastbound SH 151 flyover to southbound Loop 410. It is expected to start in late 2019.


Authorized by Minute Order 81732 (March 14, 1984). Named for Raymond Stotzer, a longtime TxDOT San Antonio District engineer. It originally had the moniker "Westside Expressway." When it was proposed, some maps mistakenly labeled the route as the "Northwest Expressway." At the time, I-10 northwest of downtown officially held that name. (I-10 was subsequently renamed the McDermott Freeway in the mid '90s.)

This general route began appearing on planning maps as early as 1956. It wasn't until the early '80s, however, that a viable proposal to build it emerged. Marty Wender, the developer of Westover Hills, realized that a highway would help spur development in the area and donated land to the state for the route. In 1985, after Sea World announced it would build its new theme park in Westover Hills, state officials quickly approved construction of the 151 access roads from Loop 410 to Loop 1604. Work began in late 1985 and was finished in 1987. Construction on the second leg, from Loop 410 to US 90, began in late 1986 and was finished the following year. In addition to the access roads, overpasses over the future freeway mainlanes for some of the major cross streets near Sea World were also built. The original construction also included the interchange at US 90.

In 1997, construction was completed on the first short segment of the freeway mainlanes over Ingram and Potranco. The freeway mainlanes and overpass at Old Highway 90 opened in February of 1998, and the mainlane overpass at Pinn was finished in the summer of 1998. The overpass at Callaghan and the mainlanes between Callaghan and Old Highway 90 were completed in March 2001. Modifications to the 151/1604 interchange were made in conjunction with the Loop 1604/Culebra overpass project in late 2003.

As a result of a statewide directive, a study was initiated in 2003 to determine the feasibility of tolling the SH 151 mainlanes, which were under construction at that time. However, due to local political pressure-- and notably the fact that the right-of-way for SH 151 had been donated-- the tollway proposal was quietly dropped. The toll-free mainlanes from Callaghan to Loop 410 were completed in May 2004 and from Loop 410 to Loop 1604 in September 2004. The direct connector from southbound Loop 1604 to SH 151 was completed in mid 2016.

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