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Other San Antonio Area Roads

This page last updated January 2, 2019

This part of the site covers other major roads and projects in the San Antonio area that are not covered on the San Antonio Area Freeway System page as well as some other local road-related topics.

I-35 SH 130   I-35
San Antonio-Austin
State Highway 130 I-35 Comal County Projects
I-10 SH 16 Loop 1604
I-10 West Projects
(Boerne-Fair Oaks Ranch)
Bandera Rd. proposals Loop 1604 South Projects

 The Circuit logo (Copyright by Brian Purcell)  Loop addressing Cibolo Parkway
"The Circuit" Loop 410/1604
Cibolo Parkway
Alternate intersections Superstreet SPUI
Alternative intersection designs Superstreets Harry Wurzbach/Austin Highway
SPUI Project Information
SH 211 Wurzbach? Military?
State Highway 211 Which Wurzbach? Which Military?
(And the history of local military roads)

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