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San Antonio
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The San Antonio Area Freeway System

This page last updated November 9, 2018
San Antonio skyline w/freeway in foreground
(TxDOT photo) 

Since the first expressway opened in 1949, the San Antonio metropolitan area has enjoyed one of most progressive and comprehensive urban freeway systems in North America. For many years, San Antonio was second only to Los Angeles in the number of freeway miles. While most US cities now have extensive freeway systems, Bexar County still has one of the largest systems of state highways in the nation and one of the highest ratios of freeway miles per capita in the US. In 2014, there were 1,004 centerline miles and 3,384 lane miles of state-maintained roadways in Bexar County. Approximately 256 centerline miles and 1,900 lane miles of that total were freeways. A study by the Surface Transportation Policy Project in 1998 ranked San Antonio's highways as the best among the largest US urban areas.

This site covers the San Antonio freeway system in-depth. Below, you'll find links to general information about the local freeways, their history, and pages with in-depth details about each freeway. There's also information on some other area highways, details of freeway construction projects, information about TransGuide, and lots of photos.


General information

Includes lots of basic information about the freeway system including layout, statistics, frontage roads, turnarounds, double-decked freeways construction, and signage, as well as the conventions used on this site.
Answers to some of the most common questions I hear about San Antonio's freeways and other local roads.
Freeway system history
A history of the evolution of the San Antonio freeway system.
2016 traffic statistics
Freeway traffic counts and general statistics.

The freeways

Below you can access detailed information about each freeway, including a description of the route and the length covered, lane and access road configuration, a description of the general traffic conditions and traffic counts, a complete list of exits in each direction, speed limits, special features, current construction, future plans, and as much history as I know about the route.

I-10 WestI-35 NorthI-35 SouthI-10 EastI-37I-37US 90 WestSH 151US 281 NorthSP 371Kelly ParkwayKelly ParkwayWurzbach ParkwayLoop 1604Loop 1604Loop 410Loop 410Loop 410Loop 410Loop 410Loop 410Loop 1604Loop 1604Loop 1604Wurzbach ParkwayUS 90Loop 410

Click on a freeway segment on the map above or on one of the links below

Construction projects


Other sites of interest

TxDOT- San Antonio District
Alamo Area Metropolitan Planning Organization
Alamo Regional Mobility Authority
VIA Metropolitan Transit
San Antonio Advanced Transportation District
City of San Antonio Public Works
San Antonio Mobility Coalition
TexasFreeway.com (by Ron Jackson)
Houston Freeways
Dallas-Ft. Worth Freeways

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