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I-10 San Antonio Area Freeway System
Interstate 10 West (Robert F. McDermott Freeway)

This page last updated May 10, 2019

I-10 West highlight map This page covers Interstate 10 northwest of downtown San Antonio from I-35 to Ralph Fair Rd. Two miles of I-10 is concurrent (multiplexed) with I-35 south of this segment; see the I-35 South page for details. Interstate 10 continues east of downtown; see the I-10 East page for more info.

Length: 16 miles


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Special features
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This segment of I-10 serves the northwest corridor, one of the fastest growing areas of the city. A tremendous amount of the region's suburban office space is located in this corridor as are the headquarters for several large companies. The corridor also serves the bustling and continually-growing South Texas Medical Center complex; Wonderland of the Americas mall (formerly known as Crossroads mall); the University of Texas at San Antonio's (UTSA) main and downtown campuses; Six Flags Fiesta Texas; and The Rim, La Cantera, Landmark, Colonnade, Huebner Oaks, and Fiesta Trails retail centers and mixed-use developments. One suburban city, Balcones Heights, also lies within the corridor as does the unincorporated Leon Springs area. I-10 continues northward to the booming outlying areas of Fair Oaks Ranch, Boerne, and Kendall County. Inside I-410, the route is lined with light industrial and residential areas. Heavy commercial development dominates the landscape between I-410 and La Cantera Blvd., with moderate and growing commercial and residential development north of there.

While it is signed as east/west, this segment actually runs mostly north/south. To avoid confusion, many locals give directions as "inbound" or "outbound" (from downtown) instead; I use that convention here.

Roadway details


Click here for a schematic of I-10 West.
  • 10 lanes double-decked (6 lanes on the upper levels; 4 lanes on the lower level) from I-35/Frio St. to Fulton Ave.
  • 10 lanes from Fulton Ave. to Loop 410 with a short 8 lane section through the Loop 410 interchange
  • 11 lanes (5 inbound, 6 outbound) from Loop 410 to Wurzbach Rd.
  • 8 lanes from Wurzbach Rd. to Huebner Rd.
  • 9 lanes (5 inbound, 4 outbound) from Huebner Rd. to Loop 1604
  • 6 lanes from Loop 1604 to La Cantera Blvd.
  • 4 lanes from La Cantera Blvd. to Ralph Fair Rd. (expansion to six lanes + HOV lanes is under construction)

I-10 lanes map

  • Access roads from I-35 to Frio St.
  • No continuous access roads from Frio St. to Woodlawn Ave., except on the inbound side between Woodlawn Ave. and Culebra Ave.
  • Continuous access roads along remainder of route north of Woodlawn Ave.

I-10 access roads map


Click here for a list of I-10 West exits.
  • 60 mph from I-35 to Fulton St.
  • 65 mph from Fulton to La Cantera Blvd.
  • 70 mph from La Cantera Blvd. to Ralph Fair Rd.

I-10 speed limit map

  • Double-decked from Frio St. to Hildebrand Ave.
  • TransGuide coverage from I-35 to Camp Bullis Rd.
  • VIA Metropolitan Park & Ride locations:
    • Crossroads: Crossroads Blvd.
    • University: Loop 1604 (under interchange)
  • US 87 concurrent (multiplexed) along entire route
  • Special double-height bridge rail barrier on ramp to I-35 northbound
  • Unusual yield sign arrangement at Loop 1604 interchange; click here for more information
  • Two waterways run longitudinally below the freeway:
    • Martinez Creek between West Ave and Fresno Ave.
    • San Pedro Creek between Frio St. and I-35

I-10 special features map

Heavy to extremely heavy along entire route.

Regular morning peak-period congestion occurs inbound between Ralph Fair Rd. and La Cantera Blvd. and on the approaches to Loop 410 and I-35. Afternoon peak-period congestion occurs outbound between Loop 1604 and Ralph Fair Rd. and inbound on the approach to Loop 410.

Traffic counts on both ends of the corridor have grown substantially during the past decade with traffic counts in the central segment flat.

Traffic volume legend

I-10 traffic map


LOCATION 1990 2007 2010 2015 2016 2017 '07-'17
Frio St.97,000163,000176,000193,003186,834186,907+14.67%
Crossroads Blvd.112,000153,000203,000209,745205,174205,971+34.62%
Callaghan Rd.121,000215,000214,000244,459240,483241,428+12.29%
Huebner Rd.62,000182,000166,000182,408182,092184,794+1.54%
DeZavala Rd. 206,000140,000187,048184,375204,596-0.68%
UTSA Blvd.45,000155,000139,000156,306153,716158,415+2.20%
N of Loop 160436,00099,000106,000121,400116,529117,410+18.60%
N of Dominion Dr. 77,00079,00089,17587,50793,140+20.96%

Media gallery

Click here for photos and video of this freeway.

Construction projects

  • La Cantera Blvd. to Ralph Fair Rd.: Click here for details on this project.

Click here to view information for all projects in this corridor.

Future plans

There were proposals in the MPO's previous 25-year plan to widen I-10 to eight lanes from Loop 1604. to the Kendall County line. However, those plans have since been revised. TxDOT started construction in 2017 to add one general-purpose mainlane and one HOV lane in each direction between La Cantera Blvd. and Ralph Fair Rd.; click here for more details on this project. Long-term plans are to extend that cross-section to Boerne. 

A fully-directional "stack" interchange was proposed at Loop 1604 as part of the Loop 1604 managed lanes project. It will now be built as part of the Loop 1604 North expansion project.


I-10 designation authorized on October 1, 1959. Was originally named (and is sometimes still referred to as) the "Northwest Expressway." Renamed ca. 1995 for Robert F. McDermott, the former CEO of the USAA financial services corporation whose headquarters are located adjacent to the freeway south of Huebner. 

The section from Fredericksburg at Woodlawn to Culebra opened on July 8, 1949, and was the first expressway in San Antonio. The section from Culebra to Frio St. opened on November 28, 1949. The segment from Frio to Martin was completed by late 1950. There were several proposals for the routing of the section from Woodlawn to Fredericksburg Rd. near Huebner. The alignment was finalized 1957 with the sections outside Loop 410 and from Woodlawn to Fresno completed in 1960 followed by the section from Fresno to Loop 410 the following year. The remainder of I-10 West in Bexar County was completed by 1968. 

The section from I-35 to Hildebrand was reconstructed and double-decked during the late '80s and early '90s. The current interchange at Loop 1604 was completed in 1987.  The segment north of Loop 1604 to Camp Bullis was widened from four to six lanes in 1991. The section from Loop 1604 south to Fredericksburg was widened from four to six lanes in 1993. The segment from Fredericksburg to Wurzbach was expanded from four to seven lanes in 1996. Finally, the section from Wurzbach to Callaghan was widened from four to eight and ten lanes in 1998. 

TransGuide coverage was added to the section south of Hildebrand in 1995, and to the remainder of the route in 1999. The section from Crossroads to Fulton was widened from six to 10 lanes in 2008. The Dominion Dr. overpass was completed in 2009. Reconstruction of the highway from Camp Bullis Rd. to Dominion Dr. to raise and lengthen the Camp Bullis overpass and improve drainage was completed in mid 2011. The section from Huebner to Loop 1604 was widened and improved in 2016. Improvements to the access roads between Dominion and Leon Springs were completed in 2017.

The music group REM filmed the video for their song "Everybody Hurts" in 1992 on the lower level at Woodlawn. Producers had originally wanted to use US 281 North at Loop 1604, but decided it looked too wide in camera shots.

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