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Cibolo Parkway

This page last updated February 16, 2024

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In 2007, TxDOT completed a study on a possible future extension of FM 1103 in Cibolo south to I‑10. However, it was determined that issues with right-of-way acquisition and funding precluded such an extension for the foreseeable future.

In 2015, with explosive development in the FM 1103 area continuing, the Cibolo city council instructed city staff to investigate options to build the extension themselves, and a Blue-Ribbon citizens committee was formed to study the matter. In 2016, the committee recommended partnering with the Texas Turnpike Corporation (TTC) to build a six mile, four-lane expressway from FM 1103 at Weil Road south to I‑10 at Zuehl Road and to fund the project by tolling the new road. The project would include an overpass over the Union Pacific railroad with an interchange at FM 78 as well as overpasses and interchanges at Lower Seguin Road and Bolton Road and at each end.


In 2017, the city council approved an agreement with TTC to move forward with the project. While the City of Cibolo would own the road, TTC would finance the design, construction, maintenance, and operation of the estimated $100 million project. In exchange, it would collect tolls — initially planned at 20 cents a mile — from roadway users for 50 years.

TTC completed a feasibility study for the road in February 2018. In mid 2018, the plans for the new road were changed to a two-lane roadway after updated studies showed insufficient traffic to warrant the originally planned four-lane divided highway. But, the study indicated that the project could include two non-tolled express lanes in the center of a planned widening of FM 1103 between Weil and I‑35.

By mid 2019, the project was in the project development phase, which includes the environmental study, advanced planning, engineering, and design, and financing.

Controversy and project cancellation
As with every toll road project in the San Antonio area, this project had become controversial, and grassroots efforts emerged in an effort to stop it. In January 2019, the Guadalupe County Commissioners Court passed a resolution rescinding their previous support for the project and asking the Alamo Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (AAMPO) to remove the road from their regional plans after expressing concerns about various aspects of the project. The AAMPO policy board took the matter under review at their March 2019 meeting.

In January 2020, the Cibolo city council voted unanimously to end the agreement with the developer, asserting that they had not met the contractual financial requirements. In response, the developer has filed a lawsuit against the city claiming the city did not meet their obligations under the agreement. As of late 2023, it appears the lawsuit is still pending.

FM 1103 project
It is important to note that the Cibolo Parkway project was being undertaken solely by the City of Cibolo and its partner TTC, which is a private company. The expansion of FM 1103 is a separate project that pre-dates the Cibolo Parkway proposal and is being built by TxDOT, who is not directly involved in the planning or development of the Cibolo Parkway project. TxDOT's role is limited to approving any connections to state highways such as FM 1103, FM 78, and I‑10, assuring that the road meets state highway standards, and coordinating a federally-required environmental study necessitated by the proposed road's connection to I‑10. While the project was listed in the Alamo Area Metropolitan Planning Organization's (AAMPO) regional plans because of the required environmental study, no state or federal funding was associated with it.