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San Antonio Area Roads History

This page last updated March 2, 2024

San Antonio has a rich history, and its roads are no different. Roads have shaped the city and its history, and many of the idiosyncrasies of the current road network can be traced back to specific points in that route's history. Below, you'll find pages about local road and freeway history, as well as a plethora of historical road photos.

Road history

Road history Freeway history Interchange
Pre-Interstate highway
routes history
Freeway system history History of the
US 281/Loop 410 interchange
Military Roads Humble Oil
History of local
military roads
Historic Humble Oil
Service Station


Historical photos

Several years ago, I digitized a trove of photos TxDOT's San Antonio office discovered in their archives and, with their permission, am able to post those photos here for your enjoyment along with several others obtained from TxDOT's library in Austin, from planning documents found in local libraries, photos from my own collection, and a few photos graciously provided to me by individuals.

So far, I've only posted a fraction of the photos I have available and am adding more when I can, so check back periodically.

US 81
US 87
SH 16
Austin Highway Fredericksburg Road Bandera Road/
Culebra Road
I-10E/US 90 I-10W/US 87 I-35/US 81 I-35/US 81
Interstate 10/
US 90 East
Interstate 10/
US 87 West
Interstate 35/
US 81 North
Interstate 35/
US 81 South
I-37 Loop 410 Loop 410 SH 151
Interstate 37 Loop 410
(Part 1)
Loop 410
(Part 2)
State Highway 151
Loop 1604 US 281
Loop 1604 US 281 between Loop 1604
and Marshall Rd.
Downtown Y interchange Loop 410/San Pedro Fratt Interchange
"Downtown Y"
Loop 410/San Pedro
Fratt Interchange
(I‑35/Loop 410 North)
Downtown streets North Side roads
Downtown and
Southtown streets
Other North Side roads
Historical signs Historical maps and plans
Signs Historical freeway plans