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San Antonio
Freeway system
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  Roads & other history
    Pre-Interstate routes
    Freeway system
    281/410 interchange
    Military roads
    Humble Oil station
  Historical photos
    I-10 East/US 90
    I-10 West/US 87
    I-35/US 81 North
    I-35/US 81 South
    Loop 410 (Part 1)
    Loop 410 (Part 2)
    Loop 410/San Pedro
    SH 151
    Loop 1604
    Austin Highway
    Bandera/Culebra Rds
    Downtown Y Intchg
    Fratt Interchange
    Fredericksburg Rd
    Other North Side
    Freeway plans

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San Antonio Area Roads History

This page last updated June 4, 2023

This page consolidates the all of history pages and photos related to roads and freeways in San Antonio.

Road and other related history

Old highways Other freeways 281/410 interchange
Pre-Interstate highway
routes history
Freeway system history History of the
US 281/Loop 410 interchange
Military? Humble Oil logo
History of local military roads Historic Humble Oil
Service Station

Historical photos

Several years ago, I digitized a trove of photos TxDOT's San Antonio office discovered in their archives and, with their permission, am able to post those photos here for your enjoyment along with several others obtained from TxDOT's library in Austin, from planning documents found in local libraries, and a few photos borrowed from other sources.

New photos and pages are added periodically, so check back for updates!

US 81
US 87
SH 16
Austin Highway Fredericksburg Road Bandera Road/
Culebra Road
I-10E/US 90 I-10W/US 87 I-35/US 81 I-35/US 81
Interstate 10/
US 90 East
Interstate 10/
US 87 West
Interstate 35/
US 81 North
Interstate 35/
US 81 South
I-37 Loop 410 Loop 410 SH 151
Interstate 37 Loop 410
(Part 1)
Loop 410
(Part 2)
State Highway 151

Loop 1604 US 281
Loop 1604 US 281 between Loop 1604 and Marshall Rd.
Downtown Y interchange Loop 410/San Pedro Fratt Interchange
"Downtown Y"
Loop 410/San Pedro
Fratt Interchange
(I-35/Loop 410 NE)
Downtown streets North Side roads
Downtown and
Southtown streets
Other North Side roads
Historical signs Historical maps and plans
Signs Historical freeway plans

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