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San Antonio Area Freeway System
PROJECT INFO: Loop 1604 from FM 78 to I‑10 East

This page last updated February 12, 2024


This project is currently in design

The descriptions below are based on preliminary schematics and, as a result, details may change before the project goes to construction. This page will be updated when final schematics for the project are available.

  • Loop 1604 from FM 78 to I‑10 East

  • Advanced planning

  • Construction is not yet scheduled. As of this writing, it is penciled-in to start in 2032. However, funding could be allocated sooner. It is estimated construction would take about three years to complete.


On this page:

Project description

This project will upgrade Loop 1604 in this area from a divided highway to a full freeway. Mainlane overpasses will be constructed at Rocket Lane, Lower Seguin Rd., Graytown Rd., and Binz-Engleman Rd. Access roads will be built throughout the entire corridor except through the Salitrillo Creek floodplain. Overpasses for the access roads over the railroad tracks at FM 78 will be built to connect with new access roads built north of FM 1976 as part of a previous project. Lower Seguin Rd. will be realigned to cross Loop 1604 at a single, perpendicular intersection.

Because of the railroad tracks at FM 78, a traditional exit for southbound Loop 1604 to FM 78 and corresponding entrance to northbound Loop 1604 from FM 78 are not possible without significant elevating of FM 78 (which would be extremely costly.) Instead, a series of dedicated turnarounds will be provided to facilitate those movements:

This project will end just north of I‑10 East and the existing signalized intersections there will remain for now. Stubs for planned future interchange flyovers will be built on Loop 1604 as part of this project; those flyovers will be built as part of a separate project.

How this project will help

Several new large subdivisions have been constructed along this section of Loop 1604 in the past decade with several more planned or underway. As a result, traffic has been increasing on this stretch of Loop 1604 and is expected to continue. Upgrading this segment to a freeway will allow it to more efficiently and safely handle current and expected traffic.



Click on the image below to open the detailed preliminary schematics from TxDOT with my own annotations added to help clarify and explain the various elements. The schematic will open in a new window that you can scroll and zoom.

Schematic thumbnail

Click the image above for a full-sized schematic of this project

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