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PROJECT INFO: US 90 West Expansion (Loop 410 to SH 211)

This page last updated January 26, 2024


This project is currently in design

The plans discussed on this page are based on schematics released October 15th, 2020 and recent project schedules. As always, some details may change prior to construction. This page will be updated again when new plans are released.

  • US 90 West from Old Hwy 90 to SH 211

  • Advanced planning

  • The initial phases are mostly funded and it is expected construction could start in 2025 and 2028 (see below for details.) Future phases are currently unfunded and therefore have no timeline.

  • A preliminary project recently built the westbound to eastbound turnaround at Montgomery Rd.

  • Interim projects are in the works to improve the SH 211 intersection and to add auxiliary lanes between Loop 1604 and Montgomery Rd.


On this page:

Project description

This project will make various upgrades to Highway 90 West from Loop 1604 to just west of SH 211. The centerpiece of this project will be the expansion of US 90 from a four-lane divided highway to a six-lane freeway with access roads between Loop 1604 and SH 211 as well as the addition of the westbound US 90 to northbound Loop 1604 flyover. There will also be improvements made to the SH 211 interchange, an additional lane added in each direction between Loops 410 and 1604, and various operational improvements in the corridor between Loop 1604 and Old Highway 90.


Existing US 90W cross-section

Future US 90W cross-section

The number of mainlanes shown is the number of through lanes and does not include auxiliary or transitional lanes. The number of access road lanes varies depending on location. Diagrams are for illustrative purposes only and are not to scale.

A later phase of this project will construct the remaining flyovers in the Loop 1604 interchange. A separate project is being planned to construct the remaining flyovers at the Loop 410 interchange.

This project is a continuation of recent projects that expanded the section between Loops 410 and 1604.

Because of the scale of this project, funding availability, and more recently, inflation, it will be broken into multiple phases. Presently, those phases are expected to be as follows:

The dates listed above are tentative and subject to change.

A longer-term project to extend the freeway from SH 211 to Castroville is currently in early planning.

How this project will help

Several new large subdivisions have been constructed along US 90 west of Loop 1604 in the past decade with several more planned or underway. As a result, traffic volumes along that stretch of Highway 90 have increased more than 70% over the past decade. Additionally, growth in the Potranco Rd. corridor just to the north is also contributing to traffic on Highway 90. Upgrading this segment to a freeway will allow it to more efficiently and safely handle current and expected traffic.

Widening the freeway between Loop 410 and 1604 is needed to allow it to accommodate the influx of traffic both from the west as well as from Loop 1604, where growth is now occurring south of US 90.

Completing the Loop 1604 interchange will accommodate current and future traffic there stemming from the new growth south of US 90.

The operational improvements east of Loop 410 will adjust the ramps there to accommodate the future flyovers for the Loop 410 interchange and make other general improvements and updates to the original and now obsolete roadway.


Below are the detailed preliminary schematics from TxDOT for Phases 1 and 2 and for the ultimate build-out of this project with my own annotations added to help clarify and explain the various elements. Click on an image below to open the schematic in a new window that you can scroll and zoom.

PHASES 1 & 2

Schematic thumbnail

Schematic thumbnail

Click an image above for a full-sized schematic of this project


TxDOT has a flyover video rendering of the ultimate project:

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